SOUND PRODUCTS, Canada’s 3M dealer

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8432_D3_107Member: Paul Currie
Title: President
Phone: 905-332-4996 ext 223

Sound Products has been in existence since 1983. Originally a division of 3M Canada, the company was spun off as a separate entity to take advantage of Canada’s unique communication and audio needs.

The company’s core has been as a 3M dealer for the QSR industry providing wireless drive-thru communication systems and timers for the likes of McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, Dairy Queen, Wendy’s, Second Cup, Harvey’s and St. Hubert.

We are the approved supplier for intercoms to the petroleum industry with customers such as: Petro-Canada, Imperial Oil ( Esso ), Federated Co-op, Pioneer and Chevron.

Our audio experience goes back to our origin. Over the years we have designed, sold, installed and serviced over 3, 000 audio/video system from background music 70 volt systems to foreground music high energy systems up to 25,000 watts.

We are the preferred supplier of audio/video systems for Chapters/Indigo, all CARA properties ( Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, Milestones, Montana’s and Kelsey’s ) Moxies and now Prime restaurants for the Finn McCools chain.

One of our unusual customer acquisitions has been funeral homes. We are now approved by Canada’s largest funeral home chains ( Arbor and SCI )and supply audio/video systems to homes throughout Ontario and the GTA.

Our customers enjoy the fact that they can call our 1-800 number any time of the day or night and receive professional, courteous, knowledgeable service.