About BEN

Welcome to the Burlington Executives Network (BEN) weekly networking group. The Network was first organized by a small group of business people in May of 1992, and incorporated in February 1993.

Burlington Executives Network is a formal networking organization, meeting weekly with the express purpose of enhancing each member's business success through the exchange of leads, and through doing business, when possible, directly with one another.

We meet weekly on Tuesday mornings from 7:15 – 8:30 at the Holiday Inn Burlington. Occasionally our members host the morning meeting or an after five event at their place of business. Our members are busy people, actively involved in their businesses, the community and in their trades, industries and professions.

Membership is open to non-competing businesses of sound reputation (represented by the senior Burlington decision maker). Attendance at 70% must be met to maintain membership.

For an invitation to one of our morning meetings, or for a membership application, contact Jean Walton at 905-333-5066.